Preparing your Quilt

Selection of Wide Backing and Batting Available

Below are some tips for preparing your quilt. Follow all instructions prior to bringing your quilt, including pressing your seams and clipping your quilt top.

1. Quilt backing and batting should be at least 8" wider and 8" longer than the quilt top.

2. Make sure your quilt top and backing are well pressed with all seams flat.

3. Make sure the backing is ironed properly and contained as few wrinkles as possible.

4. Make sure the quilt top and backing edges are squared. If the top is not square there will be puckering and possibly pleating.

5. Cut loose threads off the top and underside of the pieced quilt. If you have light fabric and threads remain on the underside of the pieced top you will be able to see the threads through the top.

6. Check for open seams, holes, tucks, or other piecing issues.

7. If you have flanges, prairie points, or other dimensional elements on your quilt top, make sure they are basted down as to not cause quilting issues.

We also carry batting and 108" wide backing for your convenience.